How To Make Stuff

How To Make Stuff is a class developed by Brandon Stafford. First taught in the fall of 2016 at Tufts University, it's coming back for a second year at Tufts. The course is said to be, in the modern vernacular, "lit."

More information

Syllabus, which is also the handout from the first day of class

What you should do by Tuesday, October 17.

The etiquette of how to behave in class and in life

Advice about choosing a major

How to program Arduino microcontrollers

The first two projects are designing stuff for lasercutting and 3D printing. There are more details on the projects page.

Notes from classes

There will be notes here eventually.

Other stuff you should read or watch

"The fact that Stuxnet was injecting commands into the PLC and masking that it was doing so was evidence that it was designed, not for espionage as everyone had believed, but for physical sabotage. The researchers were stunned. It was the first time anyone had seen digital code in the wild being used to physically destroy something in the real world.

The malware would sit quietly on the system doing reconnaissance for about two weeks, then launch its attack swiftly and quietly, increasing the frequency of the converters to 1,410Hz for 15 minutes, before restoring them to a normal frequency of 1,064Hz. The frequency would remain at this level for 27 days, before Stuxnet would kick in again and drop the frequency down to 2Hz for 50 minutes."